Most homebuyers realize that they can’t expect a perfect home inspection report
when buying a resale home. Cosmetic flaws and minor repairs are easily managed
and shouldn’t be dealbreakers. That said, there are some issues that are more
serious and should give the buyer pause if not addressed adequately.

10 Home Inspection Red Flags

1. Leaky and Rundown Roofing – watch for signs of current or past water

2. Poor Drainage – drainage issues can cause serious damage to the home
foundation, siding, and basements.

3. Foundation Issues – signs of foundation problems can include cracks
around doors and windows or uneven floors. Foundation problems can cost
thousands of dollars to correct.

4. Plumbing Problems – major plumbing issues should be considered carefully
and further explored.

5. Pest Infestations – termites and other wood-eating pests can cause
extensive damage that can be hard to find and costly to repair.

6. Mold – that “musty” smell could be due to hidden mold and further
investigation should be taken as mold can be dangerous to the health of
the family. Depending on the type of mold, it can be very difficult to
remove entirely.

7. Faulty Heating System – a malfunctioning furnace can be a fire hazard.

8. Electrical Wiring – faulty wiring can cost thousands of dollars to repair.

9. Structural Damage – sagging joists, rafters, and door jambs can be evidence
of larger issues.

10.Deferred Maintenance – a home in poor condition could be hiding more
serious issues due to chronic neglect.

Homebuyers should be alert to these issues and know the costs to repair before
concluding the sale. Home sellers should address these issues before putting the
home up for sale to ensure they get the best possible sales price.