Sleek, white kitchens are one of the most popular trends in interior design. Bright
and cheery white tiles, sinks, cabinets, and even appliances are replacing the dark
and heavy wood and granite of the past couple of decades. White or off-white
makes kitchen spaces seem large and airy, creating a sense of tranquility and

However, white cabinets and surfaces are less forgiving than their dark
counterparts and need to be carefully maintained and cleaned to retain their
sparkling appearance. These high-traffic areas can retain their beauty with some
simple maintenance tips.

Tips to Clean and Maintain White Cabinets and Surfaces

• Avoid Direct Sunlight – Design your kitchen to avoid direct sunlight on
white cabinets. Watch for ways to incorporate natural light without direct
sunlight, which can turn white cabinets and appliances yellow over time –
making them seem dingy.

• Clean Regularly – The first step is to clean often. Use gentle, natural
cleaning products to avoid staining, or mix baking soda with vinegar and
lemon for a simple, effective solution. Clean spills immediately to avoid
stains. Pay attention to high-touch areas like cabinet doors or appliance
handles, which will accumulate more fingerprints and grime.

• Invest in an Exhaust System – Grease and food particles in the air can
quickly build up on surfaces. Install an effective exhaust fan or range hood
to pull cooking debris into the vent and away from cabinets and other
porous materials.

The white kitchen trend is here to stay. Modern, fresh, and bright, white kitchens
provide a welcoming space in any home. By caring for your surfaces, you can
avoid yellowing and staining and enjoy the tranquility of a pristine white kitchen.